3 ways install aws cli on Linux

AWS CLI is a command line tool that helps developers and system administrators to manage their AWS services. It provides a unified interface for managing multiple AWS services, you don’t need to know the API of each service. For example: When you need to use S3 or EC2 API directly from the command line, it takes time and effort to write codes for every operation. But AWS CLI can do that for you.

1. Setup AWS CLI on a Linux machine using PIP

The easiest way to install the AWS CLI on Linux is by using pip. PIP is an easy-to-use package management system for Python, which means it can be used to install any Python program. Pip comes pre-installed on most Linux distributions and macOS, but if you don’t have it installed, you can use the following command:

sudo apt install python3-pip

Once pip is installed, run the following command to install awscli:

pip3 install awscli

2. Setup AWS CLI on a linux machine using RPM

To install the AWS CLI on a Linux machine using RPM, use yum to install the RPM. Then, if you want to configure AWS CLI on any other Linux machines in the same environment (for example, you have set up a group of similar servers), then it would be useful to install this RPM to those machines as well. You can do this by using rpm -ivh aws-cli-1.15.0-1.x86_64.rpm where aws-cli-1.15.0 is a specific version number for Amazon’s Linux distribution, and x86_64 indicates that this package file was built for 64 bit systems only (32 bit systems should use i386).

You can also use rpm -Uvh aws-cli-1*’ instead of just ‘rpm -ivh’. Both commands will update your current version with whichever one was specified after aws*.

3. Setup AWS CLI on a Linux machine using APT

To install the AWS CLI using APT, you need to have the following packages installed on your machine:

  • Python (2.7 or 3.4+)
  • pip (Python Package Manager)>= 1.4

In this post, you will learn 3 ways to install aws cli

  • Install AWS CLI on Linux using PIP

PIP is a package manager for Python packages, similar to APT (Advanced Package Tool) and YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified). Installing packages using PIP involves downloading the source code of the package from its repository, extracting it, and installing with python setup.py install .

To install awscli using pip you need to execute following command at terminal:

“`sudo pip install awscli “`

This will download and install all required dependencies as well as AWSCI program itself. You can check if everything went well by running following commands at terminal:

“`python -m pip list “awscli” “`


The AWS CLI is a powerful tool for managing your AWS infrastructure. It enables you to interact with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs using simple commands that are easy to remember and use. The installation process can be difficult depending on which operating system you’re using, so we recommend installing it from an official package if possible.


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