3 Ways to check last reboot time in Linux

In Linux, it is possible to check the time of the last reboot using a command like this: reboot -n 1. This will return the time of the most recent reboot.

Checking the last reboot time in Linux

In Linux, you can check the last reboot time using the command “last reboot”. This will show you the date and time of the last reboot. You can also use the “uptime” command to see how long your system has been up. The “uptime” command will show you how long your system has been running, as well as how many users are currently logged in.

  • The uptime command

The uptime command is a simple, but powerful tool that shows you how long your Linux server has been running. It also gives you a snapshot of the load average, which is a measure of how busy your server is. This can be helpful for troubleshooting or for determining when it’s time to upgrade your hardware.

  • The date command

The date command is a versatile tool used to print or set the system date and time. The date command prints the current date and time in the format of your choice. The most common options are “date” (print the current date), “date -d” (print the date given as an argument), “date -R” (print RFC 2822 compliant date), and “date +FORMAT” (format the output using FORMAT). The format string can include text, special characters, and conversion specifications. You can also use the date command to set the system date and time. To do this, use the “-s” option followed by a string containing year, month, day, hour, minute, second, and fraction of a second separated by colons.

  • The hwclock command

The hwclock command, which is short for hardware clock, is a command line utility that is used to query and set the system’s hardware clock. The hardware clock is a battery-powered clock that keeps track of the time even when the system is turned off. By default, the hardware clock is set to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), but it can be changed to local time by using the –localtime option. The hwclock command can also be used to set the system’s time zone and to adjust for Daylight Saving Time.


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