3 Ways to Find MAC Address In Linux

In this article, we will provide three methods to find a MAC address in Linux. The first method uses the ifconfig command. The second method uses the macchanger tool. The third method uses the ip addr command.

What is a MAC Address

MAC Addresses are physical addresses used to identify devices on a network. Every device that connects to a network has to have a unique MAC address assigned to it. The MAC address is stored in the device’s Network Interface Card (NIC) and is used by the network to route data to and from the device.

There are three ways to find a MAC address in Linux: using ifconfig, ip, and nmcli.

Using ifconfig:

The ifconfig command displays information about a network interface’s configuration. The MAC address is listed as “ether”.

Using ip:

The ip command displays detailed information about a network interface, including the MAC address.

Using nmcli:

The nmcli command can be used to manage networking connections and devices. The MAC address can be displayed with the “device” command.


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